Developments have the power to take communities; energising them further, delivering growth, and transforming industries. For the Edelstein Group, a strong vision of what a sustainable development could mean for communities and businesses is as resilient as a diamond. Refined through the Group’s flawless execution, it stands for their vision of delivering timeless quality of shopping, living, and working.

The company’s logo brings together a robust vision and the mastery of seeing it through; in a double diamond standard, reflected in everything it does. The team’s extensive expertise ensures the quality and resilience of each development, and the value of every investment; because who you’re in business with, matters.

The Group covers the full Real Estate investment lifecycle, from project development through to project management, and asset management, Edelstein ensures the sustainable growth of their partners’ investment, robust solutions for retail location strategies, and a lifelong dependable home experience for owners.

Founded in 2018 by two experienced partners, each with their own decade-long portfolio of successful business ventures, Edelstein is a Real Estate Investment and Development group of privately-owned companies; operating in Romania and Germany.

proiecte de birouri edelstein

Ways of working

The Edelstein group handles and delivers exceptional results across the entire development lifecycle.


Dan Dunca

After 11 years leading and developing one of the biggest logistics companies in FMCG in Romania, in 2002, he moved into the Real Estate space.

Since then, his experience, strong intuition, and sensible approach have enabled him to successfully manage a number of major residential and Retail projects, and industrial parks; focusing on meeting customer and investors’ high expectations, every single time.

Iulian Iuga Edelstein

Iulian Iuga

A German-Romanian entrepreneur and investor with 20 years of experience managing and expanding European businesses in industries like IT and Real Estate.

His maturity, engineering mindset, and commitment to creating valuable partnerships have allowed him to take companies from small startups through to realising their bold vision of competing on the international market.


We create landmark developments and develop them through a systematic approach that places people, quality, and our promise at its core. Partnering with experienced architects and builders, we use the most energy-efficient, durable, and sustainable materials and techniques to build properties that continue to deliver value for owners, investors, shoppers, and businesses in the long-term; just as reliably as the day they were built.

Committed to delivering timeless quality of living, shopping and working, our properties represent places where professionals want to work together, owners create a home, and businesses and investors grow.