Edelstein Group begins the construction of Diamond, a 60 Milion Euro real estate investment in Cluj-Napoca

Edelstein Group, an established player in the real estate industry, announces the lauch of its new investment in Cluj Napoca, Diamond, marking a new stage in the evolution of the local real estate landscape.

The market launch of the Diamond concept represents another strategic step for the Edelstein Group, aiming to build on the success achieved with Herculane 1, located in the Gheorghieni neighborhood of Cluj-Napoca. This recently completed project has reaffirmed the group’s position as a reliable real estate developer as well as the growing interest in the market for the premium residence buildings. The new project aligns with the needs of a more and more mature buyers and investors, concerned about the quality and the long-term sustainability of the residential buildings.

With an investment of over 60 million euros, spread across 3 stages, the Diamond concept intends to balance tradition and contemporaneity, focusing on attention to detail and the rigorous selection of durable and innovative materials. The complex offers 69 premium apartments, 492 parking spaces, and a diverse range of functional spaces, including a supermarket, small shops, a restaurant, a hotel, office spaces, a medical services center, convenience stores, sports facilities, creative industry spaces, and a kindergarten.

The strategic location of the complex, at the entrance to the Borhanci neighborhood, near the future Node 13 of the Metropolitan Beltway, guarantees fast connections to the city center. Additionally, through the variety of available facilities, Diamond aims to become the area’s epicenter, contributing to shaping it as a center of interest. Its proximity to the future Pediatric Regional Hospital facilitates access to various medical services.

“In our vision, constructions have the power to create communities, energize them, generate growth, and transform industries. Therefore, Diamond, like all the projects we develop within the Edelstein Group, both through its concept and execution, adheres to a standard of timeless quality.

The Diamond project represents not just a real estate investment but a profound commitment to the sustainable evolution of Cluj, marking a significant transition of residential buildings to a new quality standard. This ensemble integrates advanced technologies and premium facilities to meet the needs of a mature and sustainability-oriented community. Moreover, due to its distinct and timeless design, Diamond stands out as an architectural symbol with urbanistic potential, contributing significantly to transforming the area into a hub of interest,” stated Iulian Iuga, Co-Founder of Edelstein Group.

The architectural concept of the complex is defined by multiple harmoniously arranged building bodies, with a 10-story urbanistic emphasis that, once implemented, has the potential to become an architectural symbol of the area. The complex’s silhouette will consist of a prevalent volume of graphite, geometric at the base, and polished at the upper levels with reflective and transparent faces reminiscent of a diamond.

The project’s initial phase will include adjacent properties for residential and commercial purposes, each with a distinct and complementary design. The second phase will add buildings for related services and the kindergarten, with a dedicated green space of 1500 square meters, and the final phase will include the implementation of the diamond-shaped structure, thus consolidating the urbanistic impact of the entire ensemble.

Check more information on the Diamond project here.

About Edelstein Group

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