Diamond invites you to explore a world of possibilities within its well-thought-out spaces.

Here is where dreams spark, architectural brilliance meets timelessness, and modern living finds its perfect balance. Welcome to a world of possibilities, where every facet of life is meticulously catered to within the multifaceted embrace of a diamond.

The premium center offers a precisely planned array of spaces, each thoughtfully designed to serve every aspect of modern living. 

Whether you’re searching for everyday essentials or convenient shopping experiences, the well-stocked supermarket and charming shops have you covered. Fine dining enthusiasts will savor the restaurant’s culinary delights, while professionals will find cutting-edge office spaces that inspire productivity.

Diamond is a place where diversity seamlessly integrates with functionality, creating an environment that enhances daily life.


65,000 sqm


€60 mil


3 phases




6 floors


10 floors


23 trees


492 spaces

Welcome to Borhanci Central Hub

Strategically located at the entrance to Cluj-Napoca’s vibrant Borhanci neighborhood, Diamond offers unparalleled connectivity. With a vision to become the area’s central hub, this exceptional complex is set to transform the landscape. Its proximity to the Metropolitan Beltway Junction 13 ensures rapid access to the city center while making it a prime location for future development. Diamond is not just a place to live; it’s a gateway to a future of convenience and dynamism.


A future of convenience and dynamism

In this future-forward enclave, residents can anticipate a lifestyle characterized by technology, intelligent design, and numerous amenities meticulously curated for modern living. The landscape is set to evolve, mirroring the pace of a dynamic city on the rise. With its strategic proximity to Metropolitan Beltway Junction 13, Diamond not only ensures swift access to the city center but also positions itself as a nucleus for future urban development.

Diamond is not merely a residence; it is a catalyst for a future where convenience and dynamism are at the forefront, shaping the landscape of modern living. 

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