Paying homage to the unmistakable design of a classic brownstone, the development brings together the charm of a classic exterior, exceptional craftsmanship, and a carefully thought-out space, setting a new standard of quality for residential properties in Cluj-Napoca.

The concept was created over two years and its comprehensive development took five, with the final development becoming a reference point for quality, comfort, and flawless execution.

The exterior is a ventilated layout with a refined brick structure inspired by the unmistakable design of both New York and British architectural styles, The unique brick used in its exterior interacts with the sunlight throughout the day, highlighting the building’s metallic, platinum and lead-like features, while in the evening it transitions into ochre and topaz hues. The dynamic project doesn’t just evolve throughout the day but is also built using the most durable materials, ensuring Herculane 1 will withstand the test of time for years to come.

With an excellent location in the Gheorgheni neighborhood, the development offers easy access to the Faculty of Economic and Business Administration, Iulius Mall, the Cluj-Napoca city centre, as well as the international airport.

The 51 carefully designed and developed apartments rise to the highest standards of modern living, providing comfort, accessibility, as well as integrating cutting-edge home automation technologies.

Herculane 1 is more than a home. It’s the expression of a classical design, quality that remains steadfast over the years, and all the amenities of modern, premium living, in one dynamic and recognisable development.


12,000 sqm


€12 mil




2 Basements, Ground Floor, Mezzanine and 8 Floors


44 Trees Planted


99 Underground Parking Spaces + 32 Outdoor Parking Spaces

Sculpting sunlit elegance: a dynamic aesthetic and Cluj prime location

The unique characteristics of the brick used in the construction interact differently with sunlight throughout the day, giving the building a dynamic appearance. In the morning, it exudes vibrant metallic notes, resembling platinum and lead, while in the evening, during sunset, it transitions into warm ochre and topaz hues. This careful consideration of aesthetics and longevity defines the project’s core concept, setting a new benchmark for residential buildings in Cluj-Napoca.

Herculane1 boasts an excellent location. Situated in the Gheorgheni neighborhood, it offers easy access to the city’s economic and cultural center and proximity to the FSEGA (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration) and Iulius Mall. This prime location is highly desirable due to its vibrant surroundings and rapid urban development over the past 15 years.

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